Founded by Laila Shaheen in 2022, amolune [pronounced a-mo-lune] is a collection of fine jewelry and accessories.

Laila's designs are centered around her personal spiritual journey which began in 2018 following the sudden loss of a loved. She became interested in spiritual laws and universal principles which continue to inform her design process. She continuously pays homage to her Arabic culture and Palestinian identity which are brought about in contemporary form through her heart centered designs. 


Laila Shaheen was born in the Middle East and lived across four continents including Asia, Europe, North America and Africa throughout her childhood. She graduated in 2010 with a BFA in Graphic Design. She began her career in Fashion at a leading concept store shortly after graduation and later transitioned into communications at a renowned fashion agency in Dubai. In 2019 she became a certified health coach and in 2022 she obtained her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Miami.